Sheek Salon

About Us

Sheek Salon is a unique beauty and hair salon in Scarborough. Sheek Salon was founded by Fatema Naqizadeh who, in addition to being a licensed hair stylist, is also a registered practical nurse as well as a medical aesthetic practitioner.

As a nurse and medical aesthetic practitioner, Fatema is certified and experienced in administering a variety of treatments such as Botox & Filler, laser microdermabrasion, waxing, threading, etc. Fatema has studied at a number of different Ontario colleges:  Conestoga College, Marca College and Centennial College so you can be sure that you are being taken care of by a skilled and knowledgeable expert who has years of experience.

Our Values

Relationships – We believe that each customer is not only a client but our guest.  We strive to honour and nurture that relationship over the long-term.

Creativity – We believe in working with our guests to explore both new as well as classic designs and styles that are both eye-catching and flattering.  

Excitement – We believe your salon experience should be an enjoyable one, from start to finish.

Learning – We believe that we have a duty to continuously improve and to keep on top of the latest trends, techniques and products. We want to grow together in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Social – We believe in running a fun and cheerful salon, by not taking ourselves as seriously as we take our work.

Hard Work – We believe in working hard for our clients and in being prepared every day to go the extra mile for them.

Service – We believe that we have only succeeded if you, the client, are happy with the end result and if you leave our salon feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Respect – We believe in respecting the individual wants and needs of our guests, while recognizing and appreciating that each of us is unique.